Discover the Joy of Mexican Cartonería

Paper Mache Sculpting Workshops in Greenport

My journey as a Mexican artist living abroad has fueled my desire to share the vibrant heritage of my homeland with the Greenport community. Through the traditional art of cartonería (paper mache), I offer engaging sculpting workshops for adults and children. Together, we’ll explore Mexican culture, celebrate its adaptation in new places, and unleash our creativity.

Workshop Details:

  • Discover Armatures: Learn the basics of building strong foundations for your sculptures.
  • Everyday Materials, Extraordinary Results: See how simple household ingredients – water, flour, and newspaper – transform into beautiful art.
  • The Power of Shapes: Explore form and dimension to bring your ideas to life.
  • Foundation for Creativity: Gain the skills and confidence to express your own unique vision, exploring diverse materials beyond paper mache.

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